Time is Money

It’s not just the costs associated with the person you’re hiring, but there’s a financial impact in the time spent creating the job advert, reading the CVs that arrive and short-listing and ultimately interviewing all the potential hires.

It’s a cost so many companies underestimate but using a driver recruitment service means that all that is taken away from you. Your staff can focus on doing the job you pay them to do, whilst the agency finds you the absolute best driver available.

Expertise on Call

When it comes to running a business, there are already a million decisions, large and small, that need to be taken just to keep the wheels turning. There’s no denying that running any company is hard. 

Very few employees are formally trained in recruitment, which means that whilst their intentions are good, that lack of experience can mean your hiring processes suffer. By using a recruitment agency, then you can rest assured that the team working on hiring staff are all fully trained and vastly experienced in doing just that.

Cast Your Net Wider

If you normally handle your recruitment in-house, then you’re already limiting the number of people who will see your vacancy. Even if you post it on your website, company newsletter and post about it on your social media platforms, then chances are you’re only going to reach a limited number of people. By using a driver recruitment agency, they will already have access to thousands of CVs. That’s a lot of people, some that will have been sent via their website for other vacancies in the past, others for candidates who may not be actively looking, but meet your criteria.

Every day we help to place drivers, couriers and a wide range of other logistics staff, such as drivers’ mates and warehouse operatives, into temporary and permanent roles with loads of organisations in throughout the UK.D&I Recruitment is more than just a supplier of drivers and operatives. We offer a full range of recruitment services, including full and part-time roles, driving jobs and non-driving positions, including managerial, professional and traditional operational roles – allowing you to focus on running your organisation successfully. Get in touch with us today for more info.

WHY CHOOSE D&I Recruitment?

  • Genuine 24 hour, 365-day service.
  • Access to high quality drivers and logistics staff that are competent, assessed and fully referenced.
  • Peace of mind – recruitment problems will not affect the efficiency of your organisation.
  • Cost effective recruitment services for all your drivers and logistics staff.
  • A fast, informed response to your enquiry / booking.
  • Access to a local office with local candidates ensuring timely supply.
  • Extensive nationwide database of quality assured candidates.
  • Experienced recruitment staff who understand the logistics sector.
  • Total flexibility – manage staffing levels for maximum cost-effectiveness and according to demand.
  • No more interruptions to workflow due to staff shortages.

Location is everything

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